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We continue to focus on improvements to your ETwater experience. Today we are announcing some changes to the ET Water Manager. We call this new version 2.8. We now offer more flexibility with your Watering Schedule(s) and we made some improvements to Connectivity, and fixed some lingering issues with Flow Monitoring and Managing Stations.


Please take a moment and review the changes made, which are listed with some screenshots below.



  • The controller will shut down and send out a high flow alert after three consecutive stations report high flow. We fixed a situation where three high flow alerts, regardless of order, will cause the controller to shut down all watering.


  • An undercurrent / open circuit alert will only be generated based on the threshold set by the user. The default setting is 50mA. Currently an open circuit alert is generated regardless of threshold setting.


Open Circuit



  • A controller that misses a call before watering will try again as soon as watering is complete.


  • A user can add and remove stations using the ‘Manage Stations’ link. Then follow the instructions on the page.


Manage Stations


  • Any suspension that occurs due to rainfall forecast will be visually displayed in the 30 day history calendar as a blue hand icon. The yellow hand icon will remain for all other suspension types.


  • A user can now set an end date for establishment schedules.


Establishment Schedule


  • A user can enable and disable flow (Available with SmartBox, SmartWorks and HermitCrab 2)

(Flow service is included at no extra charge during the first year of activation of a new device. Please call ETwater support for more details.)


Enable Flow

Enable Flow



Disable Flow

Disable Flow


New Firmware

ETwater Systems Firmware Release  – Code now available. Your device will be upgraded automatically by our Over The Air Programming System. Upgrades are available for any SmartBox or SmartWorks Gen 4 Controller.


Firmware Version :  6.17

Compatibility:  SmartBox and SmartWorks

Release Date :  April 24, 2014

Two major improvements to functionality have been added.

  • Undercurrent alerting is less sensitive and will report based on the threshold setting available in ETwater Manager.
  • Changes to the connection sequence, and the connection schedule of the controller. Added a re-try connection attempt after 3 hours or after the end of watering.


Thank you for your ongoing support and use of the ETwater Manager and Irrigation Control Products. We hope that you find these improvements useful. We want to hear what you think and we are always available for your questions. You can comment here on your Dashboard or you can send an email to


Best Regards,


The ET Water Product Team

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4 thoughts on “New Features Available

  • Reply
    Orrin Miller

    How do I know what stations are watering at any given time? Is that anywhere in the software? On my Irritrol the station lights light up when in use, but of course this is on off because of the HermitCrab over ride.

    • Reply

      The HermitCrab controller displays the station it is watering. A user can also connect to the HermitCrab using QuickDraw and request a status which will let you know which station it is watering as well.
      Please let me know if I have not answered your questions.

      We appreciate the posts.
      – Melissa