Temporary Outage – Update 7/22/14 2

Update Summary:

Over the last 24 hours a majority of the ETwater devices have successfully connected.  A small percentage of devices are still in the queue waiting to connect.  Most of those devices will connect throughout today.

We appreciate your patience.  The ETwater team will continue to post updates as we monitor the situation.


Melissa Farley

Manager of Product Operations


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2 thoughts on “Temporary Outage – Update 7/22/14

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    Support Update: Controllers are continuing to connect, but we are seeing some sluggish responses from our “connect now” feature. If you are trying to use that feature without success we are ask you wait a few hours then try again. Please call customer support if you have any questions.

    Thank you,
    – Melissa

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      Susan Lyon

      We have been completely out of commission for a full seven days. Until today, when Tyler helped me thru manual restart of my two controllers. Many landscape areas have suffered to the point we may lose a portion of our turf and hopefully not our parking lot trees. It is understable that technology is not perfect – but what happened exactly? The ET water server went down (is it satellite communication?) and it took all these days to restore or replace it? I realize now how completely dependent our site is on these controllers and there’s no manual bypass that I can determine…having invested over $8k in them two years ago I am going to have to gain confidence that I’ve made a good investment for my company given the 6 acres we need to irrigate and no ability to hand-water it. Let me know your thoughts, Melissa. I had been a happy customer up until this prolonged outage, by the way. Thank you!